Property Damage Insurance Options

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We all know that the most important thing in an accident is the human cost. Is everybody ok? Can I take care of my medical bills and fulfill my responsibilities if the accident was my fault?

Damaged Home from earthquake


But a close second to these concerns is property damage, and chances are that if you buy only a liability policy, you don’t have protection against it.

A totaled home will cost as much as you’re willing to spend on a new home, and vandalism can total a home in just a few minutes. Don’t be vulnerable to vandalism and no-fault accidents.

Buy Property Damage coverage on your Infinity home insurance policy today and make your home that much more relaxing.

Collision Auto Insurance

The primary means of protecting any vehicle and wallet from costs associated with car accidents is collision auto insurance coverage. 

Essentially collision car insurance exists to protect your wallet from costs stemming from accidental property or vehicular damages sustained in a collision with a stationary object, an animal, or any number of other vehicles.  

Collision coverage will take care of your repair costs regardless of fault in a qualifying accident, however, no amount of collision insurance will protect you from law enforcement if you are caught driving without the minimum liability insurance required for your state.